Check out the Texas BBQ Pit Smoking Wood Guide

Smoking wood is essential for the flavor behind the Texas bbq pit - from barbecue ribs, sauces & rubs, to sweat and sour chicken wings. The type of wood used enhances the flavor we love with what we eat.

A Texas Pit Barbecue Competition Highly Recommended BBQ Box

Pitmasters Union offers a monthly BBQ box that contains a Texas pit barbecue style of flavors and more for grilling and smoking. Each box contains a smoking wood chunks, a unique BBQ sauce and spice rub. From a honey glaze to just the right amount of heat and spice on some occasions. These boxes are perfect for a beef brisket, chicken wings, and anything you want to add a little smoke flavor too depending on the style of box.

The best part about the Pitmaster BBQ box of the month is that it offers the grilling competition taste of a Texas BBQ for anyone with a grill. They also have an awesome shirt for Pitmasters, go check them out!

Texas Pitmasters Union Shirt

My BBQ Box

The pit master box offers large, but local, name brand rubs, sauces with real wood chunks for smoking on the bbq grill. Tired of the old same thing from the grocery stores? Their monthly subscription box includes new brands from genuine Pitmasters from all around the United States of America. It's the best of all good tastes. Hardworking Pitmasters from around the U.S. are the people that make this barbecue box possible for Pitmasters Union.

Learn How to Smoke on a BBQ Charcoal Grill

Smoking with a BBQ Charcoal grill is the simplest way to get started with smoking wood.

What is a BBQ Pitmaster?

A Pitmaster is a skilled individual behind a grill, they master fire in the pit for cooking. For thousands of years, meats have been preserved and prepared in smoking pits to smoking houses....